Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Renshaw Scofield

If you haven't seen the first Renshaw Scofield comic story yet, click here and read it, then come back and leave a comment!


Max Evry said...

Hey everyone! This is the first comic story I've written and drawn myself and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of it.

Show some love, leave some comments, yo!

Tim said...

I enjoyed each page more than previous one. The first seemed a little too non sequitur-ish and the second was possibly seditious. But the sharp contrast between the bear and Booth with the smooth flow into language lessons was satisfying. And the final page tied together and gave meaning to what I thought, up to that point, was a going to be a jumbled mix of random things. And I enjoyed thinking about why one friend was 25% cheaper than the others.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!! It really agrees with my sensibilities in a lot of ways. It made me laugh and smile a lot! I will forward it to lots of people, particularly my band mates because I really believe in artists spreading the word about each other and helping one another out in a grassroots fashion like you said!

Renshaw is such a funny semi-creepy looking little guy but I love him. Didn't we all have fantasies like that as kids? And still do as adults! I like that is was both funny and heartwarming in a sense. I can remember being a really shy kid and we moves a lot when I was growing up so I wouldn't have minded buying a friend out of a vending machine every now and again. You picked-a great main character who I think represents the good-natured dreamer whom is imperfect and can be related to by many! Also, the illustrations are out of this world fantastic! You should think about doing all your own illustrations! Kudos on giving him a proper quiff! And I really loved the bears with their hands raised in the classroom!

GREAT JOB MAX!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff. Being an artist myself, this was really inspirational. Really dug the cyborg turtles and water slide. I loved the way the people looked coming out of the slide! I could have used a bear to do my homework too. Seriously well done. Can't wait for more. Dustin

Howard Cruse said...

Nice job, Max. The whole thing is very winning.

heind said...

Here's my dollar bill:

1) Young Stanley?/Renshaw is a smooth persona. However, although somewhat thick in presence, he strangely feels uncharacteristic too.

2) The general idea behind the fantastic presentations and the little-bit-black humor is good. It reminds me of the excellent cartoons we've read, with touch of Wes Anderson and so forth.

3) The last page seem to well balance the vagabond fantasy with the purposefully twisted humor a la auto-derision. Thanks. I feel that way too, lol.

4) For the other specific fantasy conceptions, I think a little more refinement is necessary to strike an audience accustomed to that genre of cartoons, especially those who read both Japanese and American cartoons.

5) Renshaw also reminded me of "Little Nemo". Something is still lacking. However, you seem to be on the right track. Good luck.

Johnny Baby said...

I dig it. Especially the last page, the frame with the robot, and the frame with the White House!

Nice work!

BTW is BL up for download/viewing anywhere?


Brendon said...

I have to agree that each page was more interesting, enjoyable and resonant than the last - and the first wasn't too bad at all.

I did find it all rather... familiar, in the sense that this "kind of thing" is quite typical, especially int he web comics world, as well as in short films, but it did read well and looked pretty tasty too.

That cyber-turtle looked mighty familiar, however... hmmm... what's this over here on my DVD shelf...


Mallard Small Press said...

Hi Max!
So sorry about the typo - and I can't work out how to edit a post! V.embarassing.

Anyway, hope all's well - your comic is looking lush.

Take care,